Family Movies Streaming on aha app to watch out in 2021

Now Indian viewers have started to gain interest in Telugu content. The Telugu film industry has become the second most flourishing movie industry in India. Telugu Industry, Tollywood, gives immense competition to the glamorous Bollywood. The thrilling action scenes and the stories have amused many viewers across India. With the new wave of OTT that has got popular in recent days, even the Tollywood industry has stepped up to offer their audience to watch their content online, gaining them much more viewers than before. OTT platforms are cost-friendly and provide a variety of content. The media services on OTT are available anytime and anywhere. They also deliver services on a better aspect than cable television services. Aha is an OTT platform recently developed and launched on 25 March 2020. Aha is flooded with many family-friendly movies for families to watch and spend some quality time together. The top three family-friendly movies to watch right now in the Aha app are GaaliSampath, Mental Madhilo, and Colour Photo.There are many more latest movies online on aha app.

GaaliSampath has directed by Anish Krishna, starring Rajendra Prasad, Sree Vishnu, Lovely Singh, Sathya, and Thanikella Bharani. GaaliSampath(Rajendra ) and his son(Sree Vishnu) live together in a village in Araku. Gaali is passionate about acting. In a dramatic turn of events, this passion disrupts his son’s dream to own a truck and disrupts his love life. These lead to the separation of the father-son duo, but they reunite in the end. The second movie Mental Madhilo has directed by VivekAthreya and starred Sree Vishnu, NivethaPethuraj, and Amrutha Srinivasan. The story is all about Aravind Krishna and Swetcha, who have opposite characters, show how they meet and fall in love. Swetcha is a clear headed and confident woman, while Aravind is always confused about the daily things he does in life. The twist begins when Aravind has to go to Mumbai, where he faces many problems. What happens in Mumbai and how he tackles the obstacles form the crux of the story. The other movie Colour Photo, directed by Sandeep Raj, has starred Suhas, ChandiniChowdary, Harsha, and Sunil. Deepthi(ChandiniChowdary) and Jayakrishna(Suhas) are two engineering students from a small town who fall in love. Deepthi’s brother Rama Raju(Sunil) is a racist, brutal cop. He believes that the colour of the skin matters a lot for someone who wants to marry his sister. And in the end, Jayakrishna dies, while Deepthi learns that there is no photo of Jayakrishna existing in the village, so she draws his portrait calling it, theColour Photo. If you love scary movies you can stream as thriller movies online only on aha. 

Aha floods in such amazing content. You can binge-watch your favourite shows with your family ad-free in various genres. Must subscribe to Aha and have a family quality time.

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